Entry #1

Welcom and hullo

2014-08-07 06:16:08 by MichaelCusack

Hey there,

My names Michael Cusack, i've been making cartoons for YouTube for about 2 years now and neglecting Newgrounds. I'm uploading all my cartoons here now aswell as YouTube. In summary, welcom and hullo heres some cartoons!



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2014-08-07 15:12:44

I am so happy you are uploading stuff here now! I love your stuff on youtube! Welcome to NG!


2014-08-07 16:19:48

who the fuck do u think u are


2014-08-07 21:12:12

Yaaay! your stuff will get praise here


2014-08-07 21:31:39

I'm glad. Your animations are great.


2014-08-09 07:27:13

Very happy to see you bringing your stuff here. I've been waiting for more from you since "Rare at E3". Hope you stick around!


2014-08-09 15:23:10

What an amazing animator glad you're uploading here now.


2014-08-12 05:54:43

Darren and Damo is the best, good to see you on newgrounds!!!!